Tips & Pointers

Follow these pointers to get the most out of your solar system.
During day time, use your high power consuming appliances
i.e. washing machine, clothes dryer, dishwasher, electrical oven, pool heater/cleaner, etc

This may mean changing your routines. If you are home during the day this is easy.

If you are working then some of your appliances can be put on a timer. In the long run, this will save you a lot of money.

Turn on high power consuming appliances before leaving for work.

Make use of timers, modern appliances will have inbuilt timers.

When purchasing new appliances, look for the 5-star efficiency rating

Charge up devices that you may use at night, for example laptops, mobile phones and any items which run on batteries.

Be careful and plan how you do this, as you do not want to increase your electricity usage to more than your solar panels are producing.

Check your inverter. Your inverter will display what electricity is being produced at that time. If you know how much your appliances use – you should be able to check your inverter and choose what to run in order to make the most of the free energy being produced. This may mean staggering your electricity usage over the peak period time.

Monitor your system from time to time.

Look at your lighting. Make sure that you have installed energy efficient lighting. Halogen downlights, florescent lights, and other lights can all be retrofitted with LED lighting. This will return significant energy savings.

Make sure that appliances that are not used are switched off at the wall. Televisions, microwaves, DVD’s, mobile phone chargers.

Make sure your home is well insulated.