Residential Solar

Rising Energy Costs - The Struggle Is Real!

Just like you, at Blue Solar we are concerned for the rise of energy costs and wonder as home owners how and where we can reduce our usage. The constant struggle of ensuring the kids have turned off the lights when not in use or feeling guilty for have the air-conditioning running all day or even measuring your laundry loads is frustrating. At Blue Solar we want to help you find a solution.


Start Saving

We don’t have the ‘one size fits all’ approach and we know that every home is different, so we carefully assess your home’s individual needs & tailor a package that is most suitable to you. With the right system that meets your consumption needs, you can really bring your power bill right down and close to $0. Yep that’s right! $0! Once your system is set up, saving with solar is very easy.

Solar Systems

For whatever your solar energy needs and usage, we can provide you with both budget and premium components. The packages below are samples of commonly used solar energy power systems. Please note: this is just a guide; the quantity of panels may increase or reduce depending on the type of panels you choose.

3 KW

Small Family Package Includes

  • 12 x Solar Panels
  • 3kW Inverter

Estimated Savings

$990 per year

Suitable for

5 KW

Value Package Includes

  • 18 x Solar Panels
  • 5kW Inverter

Estimated Savings

$1650 per year

Suitable for

10 KW

Premium Package Includes

  • 40 x Solar Panels
  • 10kW Inverter

Estimated Savings

$3500 + per year

Suitable for

  • Properties with very high power bills
  • Commercial properties

We go that extra mile for you

Once your system has been installed, we continuously monitor your system performance remotely just to make sure it’s operating correctly. In the event your system is underperforming, we immediately notify you and send out one of our technicians if deemed necessary. At Blue Solar, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship before and after installation. You’re in safe hands.