Go Ahead With $0 Upfront

It can sound too good to be true and make you a little bit sceptical, however it is possible with Blue Solar. Our mission is to make solar accessible and affordable to all Australian homes and businesses, so we’ve teamed up with Solar Financial Solutions – possibly the best financial product on the market.







Residential & Commercial
Residential & Commercial
$0 UpfrontOutrightYesYesYes
Monthly PaymentNoneFixedFixedFixed
Payment TermNone2-10 years2-7 years5-15 years
STC DiscountYesYesYesYes
Approval TimeNonePre-approval 15 mins48 hours24 hours
Immediate Savings On Your BillYesYesYesYes


Will It Pay Off?

Home and business owners who install solar systems onto their property receive numerous benefits; lower electricity bills, lower carbon footprint and higher property values. It is already affordable enough to be a smart choice for Australians and if you have the right system installed, you’ll earn your money back! We aim to ensure that your ROI (Return on Investment) is within 3-4 years, at a maximum of 5 years. Book in a free consultation with one of our specialists so we can help you choose the most suitable package for you. We endeavor to educate you and help you choose a system and finance option that meets your needs. Our consultations are completely obligation free.