What We're About

After you’ve done your numbers and research, you need to make sure you’re comfortable with company installing your system. Signing up with a good solar installation company will make all the difference between a trouble-free installation and years of headaches and unanswered phone calls.

Why Blue Solar?

Because we’re here to stay! We know traditional energy costs are rising and we know what our competitors are doing, so we stay ahead of the curve and bring you the best of what there is on offer without feeding you all the deceiving info. We cut right through the BS and are transparent about all the products we have on offer and the services we deliver.

We Promise You Integrity, Honesty & Sincere Expert Advice

We are experts, not cowboys. At Blue Solar we know what you want; quality panels at a good price, so you can reduce your energy bills. But just because you want solar, doesn’t always mean you should have it. We dedicate the time to really figure out whether solar is the right choice for you.

Our Competitive Edge

We love forging connections with solar innovators & local communities, so we’ve partnered with SolarBuddy.org who we share a mutual goal – to end the devastating cycle of energy poverty. We believe in service through education and therefore we are connecting with Australian school communities. We promise to give the gift of light with every installation. Visit solarbuddy.org

For us, it more than just helping our Aussies become independent from electricity bills – it’s about the footprint we leave on the planet and the impact we have on our earth. We hope that when you purchase a solar system from us you can feel confident in our integrity and your contribution to the planet.