Want more control over your business expenses?

We have a care factor

Whatever the size of your business and no matter what industry you’re in, solar power could deliver real savings to the cost of running your business. We at Blue Solar only deliver the highest professional standard of workmanship & work with Clean Energy Council accredited installers. We take NO SHORTCUTS and make sure that OHS procedures are managed, delivering you a product free of complications.

Why Solar Power For Your Business?

At an extremely affordable price and with $0 upfront deals, you could add real value to your business. With real long-term cost savings, a solar system may also help improve your business’ green credentials and make your business more attractive to prospect clients or buyers.

Minimal Maintenance & Reliable

Reduced Operating Costs

Commitment To The Environment


Here's How It Works



Consultation & Site Inspection
We establish a clear understanding of your business and energy consumption to determine the best package for you. One of our experienced specialists will also inspect your property.


Virtual System Design
With every commercial property we create a virtual model of your roof with panels, so we can ensure accurate panel placement, to maximise your system in the most efficient way.


System Installation
With most accredited installers who have extensive experience in the solar industry, we will install your system making sure that all regulations and standard are met – providing you with an installation that is hassle-free.

We Go That Extra Mile For You

Once your system has been installed, we continuously monitor your system performance remotely just to make sure it’s operating correctly. In the event your system is underperforming, we immediately notify you and send out one of our technicians if deemed necessary. At Blue Solar, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship before and after installation. You’re in safe hands.