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Because we don’t oversell and underdeliver. We promise you INTEGRITY, HONESTY & SINCERE EXPERT ADVICE.
We know you work hard for your money, so we won’t sell you a system you won’t benefit from.
Our ambition is to ultimately become Australia’s most trusted solar company.

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Let's Explore How You Can Benefit

Reduced Electricity Bill

Sunlight is free! So, once you’ve paid for your solar system you’re generating free energy from the sun instead of buying it from the grid. This means reduced energy bills!

Reduced Electricity Bill
Reduced Emissions

Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy directly from the sun! Generating from a renewable source instead of fossil fuels can improve public health and the ecosystem.

Reduced Electricity Bill
Low Maintenance

Once we’ve installed your system it’s very easy to ensure your panels are working at their full potential. With our 10-year integrated warranty you can have peace of mind.

Reduced Electricity Bill
Feed-in Tariffs & Rebates

Once your panels generate more electricity than you use, the power can be sent to the grid and potentially credit you on your bill in the form of a feed-in tariff.

Any Disadvantages?

Solar panels only generate power when the sun it out, but we can provide you with a battery that can allow you to store the excess energy you produce, so you can use it later. ;)

Here's How It Works


System Design & Consultation
For you to get the right system we discuss your financial figures and then provide you with honest information on system performance estimates and panel placement. This is not a sales call. You’ll be speaking to one of our highly trained consultants who will determine a system tailored to your home to maximise your sun exposure.


We will formalise on agreement once we have decided on the right solution for your home. We do this, so we can allocate stock and plan your installation date. There will be absolutely no hidden fees and your investment will be protected by our manufacturer’s product performance warranty.


Our highly qualified Clean Energy Council accredited installers will install your solar system. We will organise a regulatory inspector to certify the installation and ensure all electrical standard are complied with.

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